Five easy tips to travel electric

Five easy tips to travel electric
Dawid Polkowski stands in front of an electric car

Driving electric becomes more and more popular – even when going on vacation. Dawid Polkowski, eMobility specialist at DKV Mobility, spent his holidays travelling around Poland in an EV. From the centre of Poland to the north and to the south: In less than two weeks, he covered a distance of 2,000 km.

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If you want to drive to your holiday destination as stress-free as possible, we have a few important tips for you.

1. Choose a country with a good infrastructure

Choose a country with an infrastructure that is electrically ready. Take into account the number of charge points in the given country and their locations. The method of charging the vehicle is also important. With fast chargers for example, you can recharge your car in just one hour. Good time for a coffee break, though. A convenient method of payment is the DKV Card +Charge. This service card allows you to settle the cost for charging electric vehicles by only one invoice and gives you access to a network of approximately 310,000 public and semi-public charge points all over Europe.

2. Take care of route planning

When planning your route, be sure to take into account how long your car will travel on a single charge. “After every single charging, I could travel for about 300 km”, says Dawid. Therefore: Track the distance between charge point options on your route. For assistance, you can use the EV route planning feature of the DKV Mobility App. The feature shows all charge points on the selected route, and also tells you how to get there. Only configure your settings by choosing your vehicle and your destination and enter your charge status – the app will calculate your route, so you can drive to your destination – efficient and stress free.

3. Be well prepared

Make sure your car is fully operational and charged. Check if there are charge points at the destination of your trip, so that you can recharge the car while you are off sightseeing, having dinner or enjoying a coffee.

Eliminate all energy killers from your car. Check the air in your wheels. With the correct tire pressure, you will use the less energy.

Avoid too much luggage. The less unnecessary weight, the better!

Use your braking energy! By means of the so-called recuperation, kinetic energy is converted into electricity in the braking process.

4. Select the appropriate car

If you rent a car, choose it according to your preferences and the distance you want to cover. Dawid was traveling in a small city car, which gave him a lot of fun. The price, the small size, the dynamic driving experience and equipment of the car made Dawid’s journey very comfortable. Of course there are cars with bigger batteries, but remember: the bigger the battery is, the heavier it is.

Traveling by electric car means: no exhaust gases and silence. It gives us the feeling that we are in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. As Dawid claims: ”If I had the opportunity to drive such a car every day, I would not hesitate for a moment - clean driving, without the smell of fumes, oils, ubiquitous dirt, and noise. After switching to my private car - I felt as if I had moved back in time. Let's strive for a better future with electromobility!”

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