Corona-crisis: DocStop and DKV deliver care packages to truckers

Corona-crisis: DocStop and DKV deliver care packages to truckers
DocStop and DKV deliver care packages to truckers.

During the corona crisis and the resulting restrictions on public life, truck drivers maintain the supply of the people by their work. In everyday life, however, drivers often lack the essentials such as hygiene equipment to protect themselves from infection. To support them, DocStop and DKV distributed care packages with breathing masks, hygiene instructions and lunch boxes at several rest stops in Münsterland last Sunday.

"It is crucial to us to support the drivers, who continue to do their job without stop and provide us with essential goods for our everyday lives. We have been doing this for many years as sponsoring partner of DocStop and it is even more necessary during the Corona crisis”, says Marco van Kalleveen, CEO of DKV. DKV already carried out a similar campaign at Polish rest stops in Upper Silesia a few days ago. Further campaigns in other European countries are to follow shortly.

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