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Connecting the world of mobility

Mobility is no longer just on the streets. It is a complex project in which many actors with different tasks and challenges are involved. DKV Mobility understands your needs - whether you are a driver, dispatcher, accountant or entrepreneur. But how do you bring everyone together? We have created a networked range of products and services that are optimally tailored to your needs and guarantee you not only security and efficiency, but also maximum convenience. This is our world of mobility.

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Our performance sectors

We have positioned ourselves broadly to optimally support you in all areas of your everyday work. Benefit from your partnership with DKV to manage your fleet efficiently and innovatively. Regardless the size and type of fleet, we provide the right solutions just for you.



The DKV fuel cards are your entry to Europe's largest brand-independent supply network in the industry. For your every fleet and need, DKV Mobility offers you the right fuel and charging card. Our easy accessibility at over 56,000 petrol stations and over 60,000 charging points enables your mobility anytime, anywhere.

As your convenience, locate a gas/charging station anywhere and everywhere

Your benefitts

  • Cashless refueling and charging across Europe
  • Up to 100% climate neutral
  • Finished accounting for tax office without collecting receipts
  • Many other vehicle-related services

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We connect Europe. With just our DKV BOX EUROPE, you can drive across Europe at ease. Let your toll charges be calculated by our onboard unit, no matter the number of borders you cross.

Pay your toll fees quickly and easily

Your benefits

  • Order 13 European tolls conveniently online
  • Access to extensive database with tariffs and guidelines
  • Charge your toll at borders across Europe via just one onboard unit

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For DKV Mobility, electric mobility is not a trend, but a conviction. As the provider of mobility for tomorrow, we prioritize transport and climate change. DKV Mobility supports you with customized offers for the entry and operation of your electric fleet. In this way, you secure a decisive lead to make sensible investments towards a more sustainable mobility future.

Leader in future technology

Your benefits

  • Long-term cost efficiency
  • Support climate protection
  • Comprehensive charging infrastructure
  • Valuable image enhancement in competition

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Fleet managers and drivers face various kinds of challenges each time on the road – from looking for a free parking space, to changing flat tires to requiring breakdown assistance. In such times, you want a fast and reliable partner – DKV Mobility. Our numerous services offer you comfort and peace of mind as you journey across Europe. Find out more!

Feel secure on the go

Your benefits

  • Europe-wide emergency service in 40 countries
  • Free 24/7 service line
  • Multiple DKV service partners

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DKV Digital


As the world progresses rapidly, digital technologies become increasingly vital. At DKV, we keep pace with this development. DKV Live offers you digital solutions to manage your planned journey before, during and after – no matter the role you play at the office or on the road. Maximize your business potential today.

Efficieny and speed for your business

Your benefits

  • Easy-to-use app on the go
  • 24/7 availability
  • Real-time processing and backup of your data
  • Diverse analysis and management tools

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DKV Finanzen


We recognize demands of any business in these modern days. Through our financial services, DKV Mobility assumes the responsibility to handle the financial processes just for you – in a fast, safe and transparent manner – especially in the reimbursement of VAT incurred for your purchased goods and services in other EU countries. With the faster return of money, you have control over your own liquidity at no hidden cost.

Increase your liquidity

Your benefits

  • Quick automated process for reimbursement
  • Control over your liquidity
  • Dedicated contact at DKV with country-specific technical and language proficiency
  • Instant recognition of bills by majority of the European fiscal authorities

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