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For a green future

Sustainability is no passing trend for us. We are committed to it. Continual change is an ever-present feature in the field of mobility, and we are convinced that tomorrow’s mobility must be sustainable. The important aspects for us include the reduction of CO₂ emissions from road traffic and the worthwhile use and integration of new technologies. A sustainable future can be achieved only if we all pull in the same direction. Therefore, sustainable mobility must be affordable and economically efficient. We would like to guide you on this journey and offer you smart solutions today for a green future. Move forward with us and take part in “Lead in Green”.

We care.CR Report 2019

Ever since we were founded in 1934, we have seen ensuring sustainable growth and wealth creation for all as an obligation. We are taking this commitment a step further with our programme “Lead in Green” and playing a leading role by actively setting the direction of travel for the future. What precisely are we planning for today and tomorrow? Read about this in our CR Report.



Charge everywhere

The route to achieving sustainable and climate-neutral mobility is intimately linked with the expansion of electro-mobility. However, we are increasingly aware that our customers are faced with questions and challenges: Where do I start? Are there enough charging stations? Is it economically worthwhile in the first place? We can work together with you on the answers to all these questions. We guide you through your initial implementation and can offer you products today that can secure a crucial advantage for you in the future.


You and your employees can charge electric vehicles at home via a dedicated charging station - even outside working hours.


Use cost-effective commercial electricity to charge electric vehicles during working hours.

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DKV Climate Card

Offsetting the CO₂ you generate is quick and easy to implement and will enable you to become more climate neutral and operate more sustainably. But how can you bring that about? We would be delighted to help you further and give you the opportunity to become climate neutral in your use of conventional fuels and take a first but indispensable step in the direction of sustainability.

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Compensation of 100% of emissions.


Calculation of the CO₂ output.

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage through good ecological balance.