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DKV Card +Charge in the Tesla network

DKV Card +Charge in the Tesla Network

It's very simple. You can find the Tesla charging points in the DKV Mobility app and in the Tesla app. However, a charging process can only be started via the Tesla app. Our onboarding video shows how this works.

The Tesla app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore or the Apple App-Store .

1. download the Tesla app and create an account or use your existing Tesla account.

Please use the email address that you already use for the DKV Mobility App. If you do not yet have a log-in for the DKV Mobility App, please register first. The Tesla network cannot be used without a DKV Mobility App log-in.

2. add the DKV Card as a payment method in the Tesla mobile app. To do this, use your DKV card number starting with 704310.

3. confirm the verification e-mail sent by DKV Mobility.

4. you can now use the Tesla app to charge your vehicle at a Tesla Supercharger using the DKV Card, simply authenticate yourself in the Tesla app with your DKV Card to start a session.

A charging process at Tesla can only be started via the Tesla app. To do this, simply open the Tesla app, select the charging point and start the charging process.

In Germany, you can charge at Tesla at the familiar DKV Mobility standard rate. Different prices apply in other European countries. These can be found in the DKV Mobility app.

1. Go to "Discover" in the Tesla app and then to "Charge your non-Tesla vehicle".

2. Select the Tesla Supercharger of your choice and click on "Charge here".

3. First connect the vehicle to the column and then select the column number, which is located on the base at the bottom of the Tesla Supercharger station.

4. Click on "Start charging" and wait a moment for the charging process to begin.

5. To stop the charging process, simply press "Stop charging".

1. As soon as you have linked the DKV Card in your Tesla app, the DKV Card is selected as the payment method by default.

2. Connect the vehicle to the charging station and start or stop the charging process as usual.