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Did you know that all the goods we need for our daily life have to go through a toll station? In almost all European countries there are tolls for heavy goods transport. And in order to get the deliveries of goods to their destination as quickly as possible, we help clear the streets, reduce waiting times at the toll stations and enable simple billing.

We are one of the largest toll collectors in Europe. With our experience and our team, we are at your side to find the right toll solution for you and to make your life easier with the bureaucracy of toll accounting.

Toll box, route ticket or vignette, we offer you the right solution depending on the country. With some toll boxes, you can even drive across Europe and keep track of things thanks to an invoice.

Your advantages

dkv toll boxes

Cost savings through discounts, no installation and removal costs

Time savings thanks to specially marked lanes at toll stations

National and cross-border billing with the DKV invoice

Clear controlling for your entire fleet

24h Stunden Support

Additional value-added services such as route planners or assistance


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