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DKV Tachomanager
Your tool for analysing tachograph data

The DKV Tachomanager is an inexpensive, easy-to-use online application for the secure archival and analysis of tachograph data and driver cards. At the touch of a button, Tachomanager quickly ensures compliance with all currently applicable laws and regulations.

Overview of functions

Live journey report

Obtain an overview in real time of your vehicles, their status and estimated arrival time

Driver performance

You receive detailed analyses of driver behaviour and can export all the reports

Journey history

The system offers a complete record of journeys with details of instances of speeding, sharp braking and engine idling


Define a specific area on the live map and have the system inform you automatically as soon as a vehicle enters or leaves this area

Your benefits

  • Upload of all driver and vehicle data via secure internet transmission to a central web server
  • Creation of all required driver and vehicle reports, including social reports detailing significant violations of driving times and rest period rules
  • Access to data and analyses at any time
  • Data storage for 24 months on a central high security server
  • Reminder function in the event that the archival of driver and vehicle data is overdue

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