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Avoid the queue and refuel with the app

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APP&GO – be the first in line from now on!

Spare yourself the frustration of queueing at the cash desk after refuelling. With APP&GO, the new feature of the DKV Mobility App, you are quickly back on the road again while the others are still waiting in line. Fill up as usual and pay* quickly from the driver’s seat. The acceptance network is being continuously expanded. What does this service cost? Nothing!

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Get the app – free of charge and no advertisements.

APP&GO makes your smartphone into a digital fuel card

Choose a fuel station in your area, look for an available pump and start your fuel transaction. Settle the bill conveniently from your vehicle using Mobile Payment and drive off without delay. You receive your digital receipt afterwards.
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Now you can refuel using Mobile Payment

Choose the DKV Mobility App with APP&GO and discover the advantages for yourself.

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It could not be quicker

Save time and spare your nerves. Pay conveniently from the driver’s seat – and the acceptance network is being continuously expanded.


Nothing could be safer or more secure

No need to make unnecessary social contact. APP&GO protects you from risks to your health and is also super-secure, thanks to the dynamic encryption system.

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It could not be easier

Open the DKV Mobility App, select the APP&GO button, refuel as normal and settle the bill conveniently from inside your vehicle. Quickly confirm the transaction – and that’s it! You receive your receipt digitally.

The new SMART Control function

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Get the app – free of charge and no advertisements.

From today, you can refuel contactless with the DKV Mobility App

Simply follow the steps set out below:

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1. Download the DKV Mobility App

DKV Mobility is available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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2. Search for a fuel station

Your nearest fuel station can be found easily in the DKV Mobility App.

Your fuel station is not yet part of the network? We are expanding our network all the time and will soon be in your area.

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3. Refuel as usual

Choose your fuel pump and refuel as usual. End the process by placing the refuelling nozzle back in the pump.

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4. Authorise contactless

Confirm the amount and pay quickly and easily with just one click. You receive your receipt afterwards by e-mail.

You want to know what APP&GO’s functions are based on?

Our technology runs on the Connected Fueling platform from PACE.

More information about PACE

The DKV Mobility App can also do a lot more

Discover the best features of the app at a glance. By the way: we are continually creating new functions for you in the app.

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