Working at DKV

A strong team
in state-of-the-art surroundings

More than 700 members of staff from IT, finance and other central departments and functional units of our company work at the headquarters of DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group. The modern, open-plan concept with wireless network access and spaces separately designed for quiet concentration, collaborative project work and meetings is very much in line with our definition of real teamwork. In practice this means quicker communication, more productive work and shorter times to attain agreement or approval.

Main Building Ratingen

For many of our colleagues, perhaps the most important meeting place: our company restaurant, which includes an extensive salad bar. You can enjoy balanced meals made with fresh ingredients at fair prices every day. Fresh fruit and drinks such as water, coffee and tea are available at your workplace – free-of-charge of course.

Person presents others a topic

The offices are within walking distance or almost next door to many restaurants and supermarkets. Apropos proximity: we are easily reached by public transport (urban light rail connection less than 5 minutes’ walk away) or via the motorway from the Düsseldorf-Rhineland-Ruhr Conurbation commuter belt.

Our international offices

We ensure commercial transport can move smoothly across more than 40 countries. So that we remain effective and dynamic, we are often nearer to you than you would think and presently operate throughout Europe at 12 sales offices. Including the REMOBIS headquarters in Utrecht, the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group ensures drivers get the green light on roads all over Europe from a total of 13 subsidiaries.

  • Location task: tax refund
  • Employees: 80

  • Location task: Sales office for Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway)
  • Employees: 5

Location task: Sales office for Hungary

Employees: 10

  • Location task: sales office for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • Employees: 15

  • Location task: Sales office for the Czech Republic
  • Employees: 30

  • Location task: Sales office for France
  • Employees: 70

  • Location task: Sales office for Italy
  • Employees: 35

  • Location task: Sales office for Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Great Britain
  • Employees: 50

  • Location task: Sales office for Poland
  • Employees: 65

  • Location task: Sales office for Romania
  • Employees: 25

  • Location task: Sales office for Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo)
  • Employees: 10

  • Location task: Sales office for Turkey
  • Employees: 10

  • Location task: Establishment and development of the Russian market and expansion of the DKV acceptance network in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia
  • Employees: 5