Fencing fights or culinary team-building

Fencing fights or culinary team-building
Fencing fights or culinary team-building

There are events that stick in our memory and are remembered fondly. During one of the Christmas Eve meetings, we organized a quick fencing course. At that time, the company had less employee and it was easier to organize such an enterprise so that everyone could hold a sword in their hand and fence with their boss or colleagues.

It was not easy to beat the rival.

Fencing is characterized by high dynamism of action; it requires taking decisions in a very short time and often in fast-moving conditions. Intellect, brilliance and mental qualities have a significant impact on the outcome of the fight. The most important is that everybody can be a fencing master, both tall, short and medium-height people, right-handed and left-handed ones, cautious or risk-taking colleagues, and YOU…

Cooking together

Our joint cooking course in a professional restaurant also brought about an unforgettable experience.

When we stood shoulder to shoulder with our boss to cook a meal together and eat together, it was not appropriate to burn something or throw in too much pepper...

In order to deliver a tasty dish, we needed to communicate effectively and to perfectly coordinate our actions, like a real team of cooks. The integration in the kitchen not only showed us that we are able to cook a delicious dish together, but that achieving the goad also gives us a lot of satisfaction and joy.

When preparing meals together, a strong bond is built between employees. These bonds carry over from the kitchen to the office, helping us solve problems together, collaborate more easily, and be more productive.