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Advantages and

Working for a modern employer with its eyes on the future, our employees enjoy a whole range of valuable advantages and benefits.

Compensation and bonuses

We offer you a competitive salary. Certain employee groups also receive a bonus. The bonus is linked to group-wide financial targets. In sales, the variable remuneration is based on the achievement of sales targets. Furthermore, as an employee covered by the collective agreement, you are entitled to capital-forming benefits after the first six months of your employment. For us, it goes without saying that as an employee covered by collective bargaining agreements, we also pay you an annual vacation and Christmas bonus equivalent to your monthly salary.

Our standard working week of 38.5 hours operates under a set of flexitime rules. For you, this means that overtime can be paid out or compensated with time off.

Sometimes it's just more convenient to work from home. Therefore, we offer you to work up to 40% of the monthly working time by remote work anywhere in Germany. Of this remote contingent, up to 20 working days per year can also be performed on a remote basis in other European countries by direct agreement.

From your fourth month with us, you can also benefit from private discounts through the DKV CARD + Charge Climate for private vehicles. The employee card gives you the following benefits:

  • Discount on diesel and gasoline fuel
  • CO² compensation
  • Discount on lubricants
  • Discount on car washes

We hold regular health days and advise employees on topics such as safety at work and ergonomic workstation design.

If you require special glasses for work, we pay for or appropriately subsidise your vision aids.

You can take advantage of special fitness studio terms and conditions thanks to our cooperation with FitnessFirst and TV Ratingen.

We offer you an extremely effective and simple way to provide for your future through the company pension plan. It all depends on your own contribution. In addition to the contribution you make to the direct insurance as part of the so-called deferred compensation, as your employer we pay an additional 30% of the deferred compensation amount into the direct insurance.

The JobRad® principle is simple: We lease the JobRad® for you and you ride it whenever you want. Whether it's for work, everyday life, vacations or sports. The monthly installments are automatically deducted from your gross salary over a period of 36 months. Thanks to salary conversion and tax incentives (0.25% rule), you save up to 40% compared to the conventional purchase of the same bike. In addition, we subsidize every contract.

The health of our employees is very important to us. We have therefore implemented a company health management system with a clear focus on prevention. The integrated measures include:

  • free external employee counselling on all aspects of health and balance,
  • occupational safety measures such as first-aid training,
  • company health days,
  • special rates for gym membership,
  • sports events, fresh fruit every day, and balanced
  • balanced meals and salads in our company restaurant